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Sho Jo Ji at the Asian Lantern Festival

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News of Note 

The Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians (CWRIC) was created in 1980 to investigate the constitutional and ethical objections of Executive Order 9066. 

Testimony was provided many people - several Clevelanders are included here. 
First is  Ike Komatsu.  Ike Komatsu lived in Shaker Hts and was an exec at Mr. Coffee.  Some may remember he and his wife.   Text HERE

Second, the testimony of Masayuki Tashima of Cleveland Ohio who spoke before the committee of the effects of incarceration on his family. Some of us remember Masi and his life here in Cleveland.   Text HERE

Third is Toaru Ishiyama from Parma.  A community activist talks about the psychological effects of incarceration on Japanese Americans.  Text HERE.

Their testimony is a reminder of the difficulty placed on families not only during incarceration but for many years after the war ended.

A great video from Kids Meet - an interview with a child about the Japanese Incarceration during WWII

Watch the Ohio State University Japanese Student Organization perform SorenBushi

YES - our kids are celebrating their heritage!
August 6, 2023
CJAF Community Picnic and Scholarship Award

Lily and Lauren Sadataki will be attending the Kakehashi Project trip to Japan in March 2023. They will be two of about 30 Japanese Americans selected for the 9 day trip.

The JACL Kakehashi Program is an international leadership program for college students or young professionals with the goal of providing participants with a better understanding of Japan through a variety of fields, including politics, economics, and culture
As an international leadership development program, Kakehashi Project alumni are encouraged to become effective advocates in enhancing U.S.- Japan relations.
Congratulations to Lily and Lauren and hopefully we can hear about their trip at the Community Picnic in August.